I read "There are candles that smell like heated whispers." and thought, 'oh no, Josh has peaked too early in this chapter. There is no way he'll write a better sentence in the coming paragraphs! How could he have made such a rookie mistake?'

And to be honest, I was right. It is the best sentence in the chapter. Concise, descriptive, aromatic, confusing, dream-like, and a hundred other things, all at the same time. But there are so many other sentences that come almost as close, so I can only assume that this was simply an artistic choice made by a master. We can all only hope to learn at the feet (or if we are lucky, on the lap) of this master storyteller.

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Quite the way to end a conversation. Is this what a girlboss looks like?

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If you heard me chuckle beside you just now it’s cos this exchange made me laugh yet again. I love it.

“You…want me to sit on your lap?”

“Listen to me very carefully. I will never want you to sit on my lap.”

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