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Welcome to Chokeville

Ready to dig into this lurid tale of adventure? Here’s what it is and how to get started.
Welcome to Chokeville

Chokeville is a pulpy maritime noir crime comedy novel by Josh Fireland, who is me, I am writing this sentence. I finished it last year and am now serializing it for your weekly enjoyment.

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Here’s where to start: THE EATER OF WORLDS

And here’s a quick synopsis:

Ever since she was a little kid, Batya has worked as hired muscle in her hometown of Fort Hook, a hardboiled port city filled with cutthroats and gangsters and wraiths.

Then one afternoon she’s kidnapped by Mina, her estranged sister and ex-partner. Turns out Mina’s big mouth got her in trouble (as usual). Now she has to deliver a very tiny envelope to a very cursed ship, and needs Batya’s muscle to help her pull it off. And this gets them entangled in the underbelly of a town that’s basically all underbelly.

Is there a naked fish-man oracle? Sure. What about a pirate queen turned beverage CEO? Also yes. A talking severed hand, a lonesome deer demon, a stupidly sharp sword, a hot tub sniper, whatever that is? Yes! What about a baroness who’s extremely pregnant with a ghost baby? Of course.

Will Batya and Mina survive this ill-advised adventure? Will they survive the sisterly grudges that keep cropping up at the worst possible moment? And what about that fish tsunami at the end, will they survive that? Let’s find out. Together.