Chokeville is a pulpy pirate noir crime comedy novel by Josh Fireland Allen. When you subscribe, you’ll get a new chapter in your inbox every Thursday. For all the details, please visit Welcome to Chokeville.

I’ve been writing online for forever, starting with my proto-blog Fireland and then moving on to various spinoff sites including Ten Sexy Ladies, Wiretap Follies, and The Knowledge for Thirst.

My story collection KNIFE FITE and my cubicle diary The House of Wigs are available as ebooks.

“Rapaciously funny.” The New York Times

“Brilliant.” The Washington Post

“Joshua Allen is joking—I think.” Carrie Brownstein

“So prolifically funny that he makes me feel a little ashamed.” Boing Boing

“Despite all of this puerile fucking-around, Joshua Allen does have something to say, something real, and memorable, and startlingly astute.” Katey Metcalf

“It’s like he has aphoristic dyspepsia.” Clay Shirky

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A serial novel about two tough sisters trying to stay afloat in a zesty hardboiled pirate crime city. New chapter every Thursday.


Josh Fireland

Creator of CHOKEVILLE, a novel that will, if you'd like, crush you between its steely thighs.